Daily Activities

Daily Horse Activities:  Camps will focus on horsemanship and etiquette, grooming, tacking, and of course riding!  Campers will also learn about various horse breeds, colors and patterns, anatomy, and health.  Safety is our number one concern.
Animal Care:  Each day the campers will take responsibility for feeding horses, goats, and chickens.  Each camper will also help with general stable management, which includes checking fences, making sure stalls and water troughs are clean and full.  Each day there are also eggs to be collected!

Nature Exploration: Located on 60 acres and across the street from the 500 acre Bridle Trails State Park, Overlake Farm offers campers the unique opportunity to explore the onsite pond and creek, learn respect for nature and wildlife, learn about water life cycles, and walk hiking trails while learning to identify native plants and seasonal berries. 

Arts and Crafts: Campers may build log cabins, share stories in Native American tee-pees, try their hand in archery, and learn old-world crafts and games.  On the last day campers will eat lunch by the campfire and help make a Dutch Oven dessert! 

Spots fill quickly!  Keep an eye out around February, when we typically open registration, or request in January to be placed on an email alert list, to be sent a courtesy alert email letting you know when registration has opened.

After selecting the camp you like, please complete the registration form located at the bottom of the page. 

Junior Counselor Positions Available Now!
Overlake Farm is now accepting applications for a limited number of junior counselors.  Junior counselors have a wonderful opportunity to spend time on a working farm, interacting with small children and animals.  Do you have a child who's interested in teaching or animal care/training as a future career, but you're unsure of where they can get a job-shadow kind of experience?  This is the position that will give them insight into what it takes to go into an animal care or training field, with valuable experience gained through supporting the Counselors and Camps.

If your child is interested in one of these positions, please have them submit a letter (email is fine) to info@overlakefarmbellevue.com.  This must include their name, age (minimum age 14yrs), which school they attend, their grade in school, and what camps they would be available for.  Their letter should tell us them and why they would like the position.  Please include any previous experience with horses or animals, children, and/or work outdoors or in nature.  References will be requested as well.  This is an unpaid position.  It may satisfy any requirements their school may have, as well as be a resume-building opportunity.


Please register to notify us of your interest in Overlake Farm Camps.  It is essential you fill out all categories.  Once registration is complete, we will reserve a spot for your child for the camp you indicate, so long as space is still available.  We will then send you instructions for payment.  Registration is not a guarantee of placement.

Please include in your message: your full name, your phone number, your child's full name, and the age your child will be when camp begins.  We cannot process your registration without this information.

Because of all the wonderful folks who have joined us over the years for camp, the number of people interested in camp has soared!  As a result, we're asking that folks no longer sign up for multiple weeks of camps, so we can get as many young kids out here and on a horse as possible.  Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing as many of you lovely folks as possible in the next round of camps!

Located conveniently in Bellevue, Washington, Overlake Farm has been sharing its experience and love for horses, animals, and nature with people of all ages for over 70 years.  This year we are pleased to offer summer Horse and Farm Camps for children aged 5-11.  Our camps are focused on an introductory experience for young children who have little or no riding experience.  In addition to horse related activities, each camper will participate in outdoor exploration and farm life.

2018 Farm Camps
For those kids who are NOT interested in horse riding, Farm camp is more focused on Nature Exploration and Farm Life.  This includes, but is not limited to: hikes, feeding the residents (horses, goats, chickens), and stable management.  Each day there are eggs to be collected!  Farm camp also gives campers the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge about farm life with arts and crafts and extra free time each day exploring their interests.

Farm Camps
July 2018, $420 (dates TBD)

Please feel free to send an email no earlier than January of 2018  to be put on an email alert list so you know when camp registration opens.​

This is NOT a guarantee of a spot, nor is it registration, it's just a heads up to you that registration has opened.

Camp Details:

Camp are from 9 am to 3 pm.  After hour care is available 'til 5 pm at the latest (an additional two hours), for an additional cost of $25/hour of after care.

What To Bring:
- All riders must bring an approved certified equestrian riding helmet.  If you do not have a approved certified equestrian riding helmet and choose to bring a different helmet (i.e. bike helmets) it will be necessary for you to sign a helmet waiver. 
- Must bring suitable riding boots with a heel.  Suitable riding boots must have at least a 1" heel, and be smooth soled.
- We suggest bringing a change of clothes and tennis shoes.  On hot days, kids enjoy running through sprinklers and playing in the creek and pond.  We suggest bringing a swimming suit and towel.
- Campers will need to bring a packed lunch each day and any other snacks they might want.
- Parents will be required to fill out and sign a liability release form prior to the first day of camp (sent via email) - a waiver is absolutely necessary before your child can take part in any camp activities.
- If your child needs special assistance please let us know.  Safety is our number one concern.

2018 Horse and Pony Camps 

Horse Camps
 July 2018, $580 (dates TBD)
Please feel free to send an email no earlier than January of 2018 to be put on an email alert list so you know when camp registration opens.​
This is NOT a guarantee of a spot, nor is it registration, it's just a heads up to you that registration has opened.

Summer Camps

Why Overlake Farm? 
Situated just five minutes from exit 17 off 405 in Bellevue, Overlake Farm is close and convenient.  With over 70 years of experience in the horse business, Overlake Farm has highly qualified instructors, horses and ponies, and a wide variety of riding venues!  The 60 acre farm is across the street from a 100+ year old, 500 acre State Park (Bridle Trails State Park), has many activities to ensure your child will never be bored.
How do I sign my child up for camp?
Please scroll back up the page to see dates and rates for our 2017 Summer Horse and Farm Camps and 2017 Summer Junior Counseling opportunities.
What is the cost?
The cost for our Four Day Horse and Pony Camps is $580 for the full four days.  Summer Farm Camps (no horse involvement) cost $420 for four days.
What are the days and times?
If you scroll back up you will find the dates for each of our camps.  Generally, all camps are four days long and run from 9am to 3pm.  After hour care is available for an additional charge of $25/hour of after care.
What are the requirements?
Overlake Farm accepts campers aged from 5-11.  Campers must bring suitable riding boots with a heel and an approved riding helmet.
Who are the instructors? 
This years summer camps will be taught by Dana Kapela and Taylor Robbins.  Dana was raised on Overlake Farm and has spent her life riding and raising horses.  She is very knowledgeable about horses, and is experienced with many different equestrian disciplines.  Taylor has spent more than a decade working with many kinds of animals, mostly livestock, and is a professional animal caretaker.  She has years of experience training animals, and teaching youth to work with and around animals.  Both Dana and Taylor bring a lot of knowledge and fun to the camp.  In addition to Dana and Taylor, there will be several other counselors working with the campers.
Does every camper have the same horse each day?
Yes, each camper will be assigned a horse at the beginning of each camp.  Depending on the number of campers it is highly likely that each horse will be shared by more than one camper.
What happens if all camp spots are taken?
In the event that all camps are full, an additional camp may be offered if there are enough campers to justify creating a new camp session.
What happens if camp doesn't fill?

If there are not enough campers to fill a camp, Overlake Farm reserves the right to cancel or consolidate a camp.  In an event like this, we would see if each camper could change to another camp and if not, your camp fee will be refunded.

Can I sign my child up for multiple weeks?

In years past, when the program was smaller, this was feasible, but due to volume of demand we ask that folks no longer sign up for multiple weeks of camp.  That way as many kids as possible get a chance to sign up for camp - thank you for your understanding!

A big part of our camp marketing is through word of mouth.  Spread the word to family and friends to encourage them to join you at camp! 

Overlake Farm