Luna is a 15 year old quarter horse/Andalusian mix mare, who is for sale at a reasonable price/terms.  Luna needs to have someone who has time to ride her. She has no physical problems, is on no medications, and just needs ride time. Her new owner can have all her tack, as well; good quality.

Luna's has a history of being ridden for dressage, by a teenage girl and a French female dressage rider.  She was taken to B.C. to compete, about a year and half ago.  She was put through all her gaits and is reportedly responsive and lively.  She has been ridden all styles, including bareback, although her current owner does not know the specifics of her finished skills.  He is willing to have an experienced rider try her out.  Luna is currently on the southside of the farm with her long-term buddy, Junebug (a mule).  Luna and Junebug are best buddies and we are in the process of trying to separate them.

The owner wants Luna to stay at the farm so he can ensure she has a good home.
Please send all inquiries to  Experienced riders only.

Horses for Sale at Overlake


Have you been looking for horses to buy, but don't have property or know where to board them?  From time to time, we will have currently boarded horses for sale by their owners.

These horses will already be integrated with the current population of horses, and be registered in our system, meaning that the work of finding a boarding facility right for the horse is already done.  Because they're a member of the Overlake family of horses, we require that they remain on site and continue to be boarded with us if purchased.