Overlake Farm  Summer Kid's Camp & Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding

Overlake Farm was established nearly 70 years ago before there was even a bridge across Lake Washington. We have been taking care of horses, cows, goats, chickens, turkeys, cats and dogs ever since!  As the oldest horse farm in Bellevue, we believe in providing exceptional horse-centered service at a reasonable price.  The horse's emotional health is our primary concern.  If a horse is mentally and emotionally happy, there are less physical ailments

Located on Bridle Trails Equestrian Park in Bellevue, Washington, Overlake Farm has access to 480 acres of beautiful horse trails and riding arenas.

The farm offers stall and pasture boarding and is conveniently located minutes from Seattle, allowing you more time in the saddle. We believe your horse should be outside all day with buddies, as nature intended. Horses are healthiest when they are allowed to move around, graze grass, and not stand in one place all day.  If they are mentally 

 Amenities include:
  - 1/4 mile exercise track
- 100 x 200 outdoor riding arena
- 40 x 40 covered round pen
- 60' round pen
- 480 acres & 25 miles  of trails in Bridle Trails State Park (dedicated equestrian park!)
- Located on the Bridle Crest Trail linking Bridle Trails to Marymoor Park
- Friendly, caring personnel and lots of fun people to ride with!
       - Safe facility with security cameras.
       - Friendly & caring personnel living on-site.
 - Caring for horses for over 70+ years!


1) Pasture Boarding:

Whether your horse just needs a stay-cation to rejuvenate his weary bones, needs a change of scenery, or is recuperating from an injury, there are a variety of pasture sizes suiting your situation. Every pasture has a covered manager from which to eat, concrete flooring, and green grass to eat all day.  Pasture boarding includes hay, tack room with individual lockers, various pastures to choose from, including lay-up paddocks, and fresh water and salt at all times.

     - Big Pastures Board: pasture sizes start at 4 acres and go up from there.

 - Front Pastures Board: pasture sizes start at 1 acre+

- Retirement Pasture Board: includes daily Senior Equine grain fed 2x/day

            - Private Stall with Pasture and/or Paddock

2) Full Care Stall Boarding with Free Daily Turnout:

 If you want it all, this is the option for you.  Horses are in stalls at night and turned-out all day, every day.  There is no extra charge for turnouts.  Horses are rotated  between pastures, paddocks and large turnout areas.  Dedicated caretakers live on-site.  This option includes premium quality hay, grain fed 1x/day if you provide & pre-mix it, large matted stalls,  covered mangers with matted footing, and tack room with individual lockers.  For those seniors that need to move around at night more than their younger counterparts, stalls with attached paddocks are available.    

        - FREE trailer storage
- $40 discount per month if 2 or more horses (discount applies to the 2nd & 3rd horses).
- $100 discount working 1 weekend a month from 9-12 & 4-5pm.  You can work more if you like!

Extra Options:

           - If we feed your grain in front pastures  2x/day:  $50
    - Temporary/Daily Boarding: $40 per day (you provide feed)

    - Short Term Monthly Boarding (less than 3 months): add $50/mo
           -  Blanketing: $100/mo
    - Vet or Farrier Holds: $20 per hour (min of $5 for 1-15 minutes)
            - Daily Grooming: $20

5) Training & Lessons available.

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